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Our Team of contractors have been trained to assure you are getting the best possible commercial roofing contractor for your roofing needs. Our members are known for quality workmanship, professionalism, and committed to our high standards.

Can you benefit from Inspecting Your Commercial Roof?

Yes, inspections are a critical part of roof maintenance and will add years of service life to your roof. A commercial roof inspection will be to evaluate your roof system and all components associated with it. We will provide you a detailed proposal explaining what the existing roof system consists of, including deck type, insulation, roof system(s) in place and condition of the roof. This will help you to determine the most cost effective course of action to maintain your existing roof system and help plan an effective strategy for replacement, when required.

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Foam Roofing System

Installing a spray polyurethane foam roofing system or repairing your existing SPF commercial roof has many huge benefits. With the energy prices skyrocketing, every business owner is looking for ways to keep their energy costs lower. The foam roof insulation solution our contractors install will change your old roof from an energy-wasteful system into a clean “green” roofing system that will help keep energy costs down. In fact, the spray polyurethane foam roofing system can pay for itself in energy savings within 7 years!


People have been using sprayed polyurethane foam for over 40 years as a roofing solution. Even though many scientist doubted it, the foam has proven to be reliable, durable and relatively cheap roofing and insulation material. Numerous studies showed the quality of this material and nowadays you can find 30 year old foam roofs in perfect condition. And we believe they will continue to serve their purpose for many years to come.




To understand the way foam works, you first need to know what it’s made from. SPF is a mixture of polyoil and isocynate which are inserted through proportioner and heated. These two components are then mixed together in a special kind of spray gun and finally applied to the substrate.  The technique of spraying is what makes this roofing option so amazing. Roofing professionals spray it on the roof in a luiqiud form which leaves a perfectly stable structure without any joints of seams.  Working with SPF is as easy as it can be. You just have to make sure that the surface is clean of any oils and dirt and properly nailed to the substrate.  To finish the roof, roofers apply a layer of elastomeric coat.



There is a whole list of reasons why SPF is better in comparison to regular roofing materials.  Here is a short summary:

  • No seams: When it comes to roof, homeowners have most problems with leaking. Majority of leaks comes right from the joints or the seams on the roof. SPF leaves a completely seamless, flat and stable layer, so leaks are almost impossible to appear
  • Easy to work with: The foam has no limits, and you can apply it on any surface you wish. All kinds of roof shapes can be successfully covered with SPF.
  • Lightweight: Weight is an often problem when it comes to roof installation. SPF weighs around 50 IBS which is microscopic. It’s easy to work with, and the job is done faster.
  • Insulation at its best:  Saving energy became extremely important in the 21st century.  Sprayed Polyurethane Foam gives the best protection and provides the best insulating properties out of all materials for commercial roofing.
  • Sustainability: These roofs are easy to maintain, durable and sustainable.


SPF had an R value of 7.14 per thickness of 1 inch. This means that the thermal resistance is higher even when there is only a small amount of material used.  While traditional roofing system can often slip energy and waste it, foam roofing saves 30 % more energy.  Because of the energy savings, you will be able to recover a starting expense in just 5 years or even less.



Metal Roof Coatings

Our Team of contractors have been trained to assure you are getting the best possible commercial roofing contractor for your roofing needs. Our members are known for quality workmanship, professionalism, and committed to our high standards.Before you go to the huge expense of replacing your metal roof, ask us to check it out. Chances are it can be renewed by applying high-performance Metal Roof Restoration (MR) System.

With its white top coat, our MR Restoration System reflects the majority of the sun’s heat waves. So buildings stay naturally cooler – lowering air conditioning bills by as much as 30 percent.

Our Metal Roof Coatings System was specifically designed to prevent leaks where they most often occur – at the seams. In addition to outstanding protection against water penetration, the Metal Roof Restoration (M/R) System extends the life of your roof by resisting weather extremes and reduces air conditioning costs by reflecting the sun’s harmful rays. Lightweight restoration roof coating can also preserve your building structure. 


Metal roof restoration alternative for your commercial metal roof!

The metal roof coatings we apply represent the most complete waterproofing solutions available for metal roofs today. Every time, customers who have chosen these metal roof coating systems have seen big changes in how their metal roofs perform. They do not have any more leaks, and they do not rust. On top of that, they are often backed by reliable, non-prorated warranties that cover all labor and material costs for up to 18 years!

Lightweight restoration roof coating can also preserve your building structure. We offers a good-better-best product selection to meet your metal roofing needs and budget.

When our professionally trained commercial roof coating contractors apply our products, they actually leave behind a white roof surface. These “white roofs” have been verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as “cool roof systems”. Instead of absorbing the sun’s hot rays, this cool roof bounces the rays back into the atmosphere. Much of the sun’s heat is therefore kept from spreading across the building below the roof. Then the building stays cool and expends less energy for staying cool.

Single-Ply Coating System

Best Single-Ply Coating Systems in the United States

We formulated the first acrylic roof coatings. Now we’re taking our innovation to new heights by offering a complete waterproofing system for EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) Aged Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) roofs that can improve and extend the life of the existing Single-Ply roof. As TPO and other Approved Single-Ply membranes become weathered, rooftops can crack, leak, and pick up dirt, diminishing their effectiveness and energy-saving properties.

Recoup your costs

A great return on investment is another important reason to choose our Single-Ply Coating System. Many satisfied customers discover that a roof pays for itself during the warranty period in lower air conditioning costs. Federal tax rebates, tax credits and deductions may also offset your investment. In many cases, the government considers recoating a procedure that can be deducted as a maintenance cost. Check with your local utility company, tax advisor.

Eliminate future roof tear-offs

Years from now, when it’s time to renew the superior protection of your roof, a simple recoat will do the job. In most cases, multiple recoats can be done for the entire life of your roof, saving you the expense of a new roof. With your recoat, our material warranty may also be extended several years.

Single-Ply Coating System

High-Quality Single-Ply Roofing System in America Flexion XL®

The word “Flexion” refers to the act of flexing or bending. That’s exactly what our newest roofing system is designed to accomplish. Flexion XL® provides a tough, yet extremely flexible, 60-mil barrier between you and the elements. The Flexion XL® System’s advanced Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) thermoplastic formulation has been reinforced with Dupont Elvaloy® and a 1000-denier, low-wicking fabric, providing superior strength, stability and flexibility over the long haul. In addition, Flexion XL® features natural fire resistance, easy maintenance and favorable life cycle costing.

OUTPOST™ TPO Single-Ply Membrane

Single-ply membranes are solutions to solve challenging roof scenarios. Outpost TPO Single PlyA is a new era Roofing Systems, history has begun!. This exciting next-generation, single-ply product is available in 6.5’-full rolls, half rolls, unsupported half rolls, inside/outside corners, and boots in 1″-4” and 5″-7” sizes.

Fabric Reinforced (Ply) System for Flat Smooth Roofs

A fabric – reinforced ply roofing system combines the leak-resistant seamless membrane of a liquid-applied system with the toughness and a tensile strength of a single-ply system. The reinforced fabric gives extra strength to the finished watertight coating membrane without adding significant weight. With its reflective, energy-saving white top coat, your finished ply system stands up against tough weather and offers strong long-lasting protection.