Spray foam System

Spray foam is a highly effective and versatile solution for waterproofing your roof and enhancing insulation. With its exceptional properties, foam roofs offer numerous benefits that go beyond traditional roofing materials. One of the key advantages of spray foam is its ability to pay for itself through energy savings, making it a smart investment for homeowners and businesses alike.

By choosing foam as your roofing option, you can experience a significant increase in the R-value of your building, resulting in improved thermal efficiency and reduced energy consumption. During the winter months, foam insulation helps to retain heat within your property, leading to lower heating costs and enhanced comfort. In the summer, it acts as a barrier against excessive heat, reducing the need for air conditioning and contributing to lower cooling expenses.

In addition to its energy-saving properties, spray foam is also recognized as an environmentally friendly choice. It is Energy Star rated, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Moreover, foam creates a seamless and continuous insulation layer, eliminating gaps and potential sources of air leaks. This seamless application not only enhances the overall thermal performance but also provides a stronger and more durable roof deck, increasing the structural integrity of your building.

To ensure peace of mind, our spray foam systems come with an impressive warranty of up to 18 years, offering long-term protection and assurance for your investment. Choose spray foam as your roofing solution and enjoy the benefits of enhanced insulation, energy efficiency, and lasting performance.

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Metal Roof Restoration

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Spray foam is a great way to waterproof your roof and add extra insulation. Foam roofs are proven to pay for themselves in energy savings alone!


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